The book

I am also planning to organize the contents of this website in a book. It will be based on the same question-answer format, but I want to put it all together in one big, nicely formatted PDF file and make sure it reads well in a linear fashion. My answers, even though categorized, weren't written with this in mind. The contents of this website will forever remain free, but it surely would be easier to read and you didn't have to click on links all the time. If I make the book, I will also update it as I add more content to this website. I still have a lot to say to those who will listen.

To help me see if making a book will be worth my while, let me know if you'd be interested in buying it. Just enter your email address below, as well as the price you'd be willing to pay, and you will be notified in the event I make it. You can enter any price, including $0. If the electronic version of the book is successful, I may publish one as well.